Do you know the hidden dangers of mobile phone security?

Dojammer 2022-04-18

In this era of endless online fraud, the editor has collected the security risks of ten mobile phones to share with us, so that you can be prepared and prevent unnecessary loss.

1. Phishing:

Phishing means that criminals lure recipients into giving sensitive information (such as username, password, account ID or credit card details by sending a large number of deceptive spam emails or text messages, instant messaging, etc., claiming to be from banks or other well-known institutions). ), use this information to impersonate victims for fraudulent financial transactions and then obtain financial benefits.

2. Mobile Trojan virus:

Trojan horse is a remote control-based hacking tool. It usually disguises itself as a program package, compressed file, picture, video, etc., and lures users to download and install it through web pages, emails, etc. Electronic devices such as mobile phones will be controlled by criminals who write Trojan programs, and then information files will be modified or stolen, and electronic account funds will be stolen. cell phone jammer

3. Fraud using fake base stations:

The fake base station is generally composed of a host computer and a laptop computer. The criminals can search the mobile phone card information within a certain range around the device through the fake base station, and through the base station disguised as an operator, pretend to be arbitrary mobile phone numbers to forcibly send fraud and advertisements to the user's mobile phone. Short messages such as promotions. Using fake base stations for fraud is hard to prevent.

4. Leakage of personal mobile phone user information:

At present, some small and medium-sized websites have weak security protection capabilities and are easily attacked by hackers. As a result, the usernames and passwords of many registered users are leaked. And if the user's payment account is set with the same user name and password, theft is very easy to occur.

5. Decompile and correct the mobile app:

The APP is equivalent to installing a set of software on the user's mobile phone. This software cannot be self-contained. It is necessary to call the server's interface to obtain data, and then display it on the mobile phone; users who have installed the APP have the opportunity to decompile and correct it. , and then in-depth study to understand the business logic of the system and get any data from the server at will.

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6. Illegal software invades the phone:

Since the mobile phone belongs to the individual and is connected to the Internet, various illegal software may be installed unknowingly in the process of browsing the web, downloading and using it. Some unscrupulous manufacturers actively implant their backdoor software in the background during the process of installing the mobile phone. Stealing and eavesdropping data information is carried out unknowingly in the background, without the user's knowledge, the data may have been obtained, analyzed and used.

7. Malicious theft of mobile phone data:

Many people in the unit, especially the leaders, do not understand the complex installation and operation of andriod, ios, etc., and often need system administrators or other people who are proficient in technology to assist them in installing equipment. Or Trojan software in their mobile phone, data is illegally stolen.

8. The confidentiality of the mobile phone is not guaranteed:

Data security and confidentiality are not guaranteed. Generally, when using mobile APPs, people are accustomed to setting up automatic login, so that once the mobile phone is used by others or lost, internal data or confidential information will undoubtedly be leaked.

9. The spread of mobile phones is uncontrollable:

Due to the mobile characteristics of mobile phones, the communication signal is very unstable. All mobile APP application software generally downloads system data to the mobile device for storage, and then completes the continuity of the system. In this way, documents that could only be circulated internally, Data, review documents, etc. may be distributed to arbitrary addresses due to the movement of mobile phones.

10. There are many loopholes in the system:

Smartphone operating systems have many vulnerabilities and defects. Therefore, mainstream operating systems such as android and ios will launch a large version of the upgrade plan in less than a year. Generally, mobile APPs cannot be corrected and updated in time. Information security is lost.

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