Mobile Phone Signal Booster | Smart Rong Communication Helps Internet of Everything

Dojammer 2022-07-21

In the era of the Internet of Everything, various industries have begun to actively embrace the Internet of Things. Resconda is positioned as an enterprise-level IoT solution provider. With IoT gateway, edge computing platform and device cloud as the core, it aggregates upstream and downstream partners of products to jointly provide industry customers with vertical industry IoT solutions and help the industry. Customers realize IoT transformation.

Whether it is in the field of daily life or in the field of traditional industrial manufacturing and control, it is faced with the networking and interconnection of massive devices. From the application point of view, the demand is fragmented, the needs of enterprises are very different, and the industrial scale development is difficult. From the technical point of view, the various systems are closed, the protocols and interfaces are complex and diverse, and the technology integration is difficult. From the security point of view, the equipment involved , network, platform, data and other multi-dimensional security issues. Therefore, with years of in-depth cultivation in the access network market, Resconda has launched a competitive IoT networking product and an overall IoT solution of "device + cloud + network" in the wave of IoT development.

With its existing products, Resconda is used in various industries, especially in electric power (power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity consumption), transportation (rail transportation, intelligent transportation, airport, port terminal), petroleum and petrochemical, energy and A large number of applications in the field of industrial automation, continue to increase investment in the research and development of Internet of Things products, focus on communication solutions for the Internet of Things market, and provide customers with cost-effective, high-reliability wired and wireless communication products - industrial Ethernet switches, industrial co-transfer, Industrial transceivers, industrial IoT terminals, industrial edge computing gateways, industrial PON network related products, industrial 4G routers, NB-IoT gateways, Lora gateways and other IoT access products, providing customers with intelligent + integrated industrial IoT access communication solutions.

Based on edge computing and cloud computing technology, it communicates with CNC machine tools and the cloud. Various software and management tools deployed in the cloud are used for production monitoring and management and big data analysis. Enterprises can monitor or query real-time status at any time and place, and respond more timely to emergencies such as machine power off and downtime. The process is simple and clear, and the experience is better. An overview of the production status can be achieved: factory power consumption management, machine tool temperature, pressure, thermal energy, vibration, noise and other data statistics and storage Good product statistics, defective product statistics, pass rate, missed inspection rate, pass rate analysis, cost loss, material Scrap statistics, etc. Help enterprises improve management efficiency, improve OEE, and provide intelligent assistance for various business decisions of enterprises.

Resconda is deeply involved in the access network market, focusing on IoT intelligent communication + integrated communication solutions, and has a strong influence in the domestic and global access network market. The company actively responds to the national "Made in China 2025" and "Industrial Internet" "Development Action Plan" and other policies, and continue to launch more intelligent and integrated communication products, we have the confidence and ability to provide professional and efficient industrial Internet of Things solutions and services for customers in various industries.