What are the advantages of handheld drone jammers

Dojammer 2022-08-27

The hand-held drone jammer is an upgraded version of the first generation product PUS0443 drone interception system (portable) of Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. It looks similar to the gun body, the antenna and battery are integrated inside the gun body, and the weight is less than 4 kg , high integration, light to carry, the gun body has two modes of driving away and forced landing, and also has an OLED liquid crystal display to display the working status, with built-in battery and external power supply, the power of the whole machine is 55W, and it can support GPS/Beidou /2.4G/5.8G frequency band, the shielding distance is 1500 meters.

Handheld UAV Signal Jammer

Handheld UAV jammers have the following advantages over traditional UAV jammers. We can make the following comparisons:

Traditional UAV jammers on the market: only support 1.6G/2.4G, cannot switch between return and forced landing modes, are not flexible enough to be cumbersome, cannot prevent rain, the battery power supply time is short, and cannot guarantee long-term work, Unable to determine the remaining capacity of the battery, the battery that needs to be used is dead.

Handheld drone jammer: supports four formats: GPS/Beidou/2.4/5.8. The format can be expanded later. It can switch between return and forced landing modes. Lightweight materials are used to reduce the weight of the host. Rain performance, using imported lithium battery, supporting backup power supply can ensure long-term work, LCD liquid crystal display can display battery remaining and working mode.

Summary: Compared with the drone jammers on the market, the hand-held drone jammer has obvious advantages. It has a good-looking appearance, suitable power and long interference distance. At the same time, this product is independently developed by Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. In the follow-up technical support, it has the unparalleled advantages of other manufacturers.

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