What is the appropriate interference distance for a handheld anti-drone jamming gun?

Dojammer 2022-06-23

In the security activity sites of some important activities or in secret units, military organizations and other places, it is imminent to strengthen the prevention measures against the intrusion of black flying drones, especially in the emergency state when it is suddenly found that a drone has intruded. The anti-drone jamming gun comes in handy. In such an application scenario, the jamming distance of the handheld anti-drone jammer gun is very interesting. So what is the appropriate jamming distance?

When selecting products for hand-held anti-drone jamming guns, it is often seen that the jamming gun's jamming distance is more than 1,000 meters, and some are more than 2,000 meters, and some are even more exaggerated. The interference distance of directly marked anti-drone jamming guns can exceed 5000 meters. Isn't the bigger the interference distance the better?

UAV Jamming Device

We only need to analyze it according to the actual combat application scenario of the handheld anti-drone jamming gun to draw a judgment. The first thing that can be imagined is that the hand-held anti-drone jamming gun will be turned on by the secret service after the intrusion of the drone is found, and it will face the direction of the drone, but if it is detected by the naked eye or It is said that drones are observed. According to conventional experience data, our normal staff observes the sky with the naked eye, and the effective distance to identify or see the existence of drones in the sky is only a mere 200-300 meters. People with excellent eyesight are impressive. The distance limit tested is 500 meters. This shows that if a drone is attacking 500 meters away, the staff is completely unpredictable, then the handheld anti-drone jamming gun in his hand will not be turned on for use.

It can be seen that the interference distance of the hand-held anti-drone jamming gun can reach 500-1000 meters, which can meet the needs of actual combat applications. No matter how large the distance is, it has no practical value.