Greece builds drone defense network

Dojammer 2022-07-27

According to foreign media reports, Greece recently established an anti-drone system on important islands in the Aegean Sea, using Israeli anti-drone technology to deal with the growing threat of drones.

According to the Swiss "Eurasia Times" website, in recent years, Turkish drones have developed rapidly, and their performance has been fully verified in armed conflicts in Syria, Libya, Azerbaijan and other places. In this regard, Greece is very disturbed. In February of this year, retired Greek general Arqusius published an article saying: "Turkish drones are frequently entering and leaving Greek airspace over the Evros River, Mes and Kastelorizo ​​islands, and they are targeting the important Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. The deployment and the activities of the Greek navy ships are closely monitored." Arcusis said that Turkey's above-mentioned actions have caused Greece a great headache.

At first, the Greek Air Force used F-16 fighter jets to intercept Turkish drones. But the huge number of earth-moving drones has overwhelmed the Greek Air Force's F-16 fighter jets. Kyriakos Vilopoulos, leader of the Greek Solution Party, said: "Turkey can deploy 400 drones around us, what's the use of buying 200 more Rafale fighters?" drone jammer

In light of these concerns, Greece has turned to Israel in pursuit of counter-drone technology. The Greek Ministry of Defense believes that Israel's advanced anti-drone technology will greatly limit the ability of Turkish drones to monitor the activities of the Greek military, while at the same time helping the Greek Air Force gain an advantage in future conflicts between Greece and Turkey.

drone Jammers

Earlier this year, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos visited Israel to explore the possibility of acquiring counter-drone technology from the country. Greek media reported that Greece and Israel had signed a defense cooperation agreement worth 1.68 billion US dollars, which had a positive impact on the anti-drone technology cooperation between the two countries. Subsequently, the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems sold a customized version of the anti-drone system to Greece.

The Greek "Daily" revealed that the basic functions of the system are similar to the "UAV dome" system used in Israel, but it has been adapted according to the characteristics of Greece's terrain. This customized version of the "Drone Dome" uses advanced jamming technology to disrupt the communication systems and GPS systems of enemy drones, rendering them unable to complete their mission. It is also reported that the system can also launch a 10-kilowatt laser to attack enemy drones, which can effectively defend Turkey's TB2 drones and the more advanced "Anka-S" drones. Recently, the Greek side has used the system to establish a defense system against Turkish UAVs on several islands and key locations, and initially has the ability to deal with invading UAVs and protect high-value targets in the country.