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Dojammer 2021-06-11

1. Why would protect describe the scope and characteristics differ from when the jammers work ?

A: shielding range associated with protection against a strong electromagnetic field, the distance between the communication stations concerned. In general, the top 200 meters. Manufacturers are testing the general case, the shield will be a little out of range.

12 antennas WiFi Jammer

2. Cell phone radiation jammer will have on the human body is harmful?

As for radiation, as long as there will be large and small radiation of electronic products. Any piece of electrical equipment, there will be radiation. As we used to use the phone every day against the inevitable next ear, there will be radiation, the state must set up standard cell phone radiation, radiation and our mobile phone signal shield generated by the rest much lower than the national standard, and it was not every day counting around the ear, so the human body is almost no harm.

3.Why some phones cannot be protected from signal jammer?

Distribution protective mask signal issued in the examination room is not uniform, may have weak points, the shield effect in these places badly. Again the sensitivity of the phone receiver is different. We can protect the signal frequency and the phone frequency is not in the interference filter with a band.

4.Why cell phone signal is always blocked showing?

This illusion is, in fact, the phone is in offline mode, signal jammers to block all cell phone contact with the outside world.

5.Why jammers interfere with shorter distance extended use?

Jammer itself generated a lot of fever causes heat, the effectiveness of natural disturbances shorter, it is recommended not to continue to allow the work of jammers.

Will the mobile phone signal jammer cause damage to the mobile phone?

Can someone send me a text message when the mobile phone signal is interfered by the mobile phone shielding device?

After turning on the mobile phone signal jammer, why does the mobile phone show that there is still signal?

Questions you need to know about mobile phone signal jammers

Do I need to install a jammer in the daily meeting room?

GPS jammers are non-violent devices Signal jammers can be traced back to radio waves

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