Agra Prison which has J&K prisoners to get forward signal jammer

Dojammer 2021-11-22

AGRA: The highest level of security protocol has been put in place at Agra Central Prison following the recent transfer of 26 "high level" prisoners from Jammu and Kashmir. Prison authorities have now decided to upgrade his phone jammer.

At present, the mobile jammers in the central prison are unable to shut down 4G and Wi-Fi signals. A private company has been asked to immediately prepare a proposal for a Distant Signal Jammer.

Deputy Inspector General of Prison (Agra Zone) Sanjeev Tripathi said, "Soon a proposal will be sent to the state government for the modernization of the mobile jammer in the central prison."

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Meanwhile, the surroundings of the central prison are closely watched by the police and the local intelligence unit. Cops monitor movements in the residential settlements around the central prison. Landlords are advised to inform the police if a new tenant moves into the locality.

To ensure foolproof security arrangements, senior police and administration officials carry out random checks at the central prison. In addition to visitors for inmates, staff are monitored at the main entrance to the prison.

The police and the provincial gendarmerie (PAC) took charge of security outside the prison. Barriers and checkpoints have been installed. LED streetlights are placed around the central prison. The state government has approved the appointment of 50 additional prison guards.

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