The field of mobile phone signal jammer

Dojammer 2022-04-02

Due to the development of communication skills, personal mobile communication has brought convenience to people's lives, and the unfavorable impact on similar occasions such as prisons and detention centers has become more and more prominent. Once the mobile phone is illegally brought into the prison and put to use, it will bring great harm to the management and security of prisons, detention centers and other places. Therefore, the establishment of a real and useful mobile phone shielding system can provide a strong scientific and technological guarantee for prisons and detention centers.

However, because the current market is mixed, many cheap mobile phone jammers are limited by performance indicators, reliability, operating conditions, etc., and are mainly suitable for use in general civilian places. In large places such as prisons and detention centers, there may be certain problems, such as The problem of external disturbance, and some even seriously affected the public communication.

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Why does the cell phone signal jammer purchased by the Provincial Prison Administration cause such a big disturbance to the surrounding public communications? Let me analyze it a little bit, and if there are any deficiencies, I hope you guys will correct it:

1. The shielding of mobile phone signals From a technical point of view, it is only a small branch of the wireless information shielding system. When the downlink signal generates bit error and cannot be recognized and connected to the network, the mobile phone shows that there is no network state, which meets the requirements of signal shielding;

2. For mobile phone signal shielding, we all know that we need to disturb the downlink, but due to a series of factors such as technical cost, price, and production, it is difficult to only disrupt the downlink. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers do not make accurate frequency in order to increase the interference effect. Scale adjustment to form some disturbance energy for the upward movement, which can indeed greatly improve the disturbance ability and play a positive role, but it is dedicated to the public interest;

3. In the same room, the mobile phone signal may vary greatly at different locations and at different times. According to the actual experience, it can reach about 10dBm. In terms of conversion success rate, the difference is 10 times. It can be seen that mobile phone signal shielding is actually a project with high technical requirements, and it is not something that can be handled simply by purchasing a shielding device and installing it on your own. Site investigation, power accounting, construction planning, and equipment commissioning are all complementary and inseparable.

4. As a prison acquisition and installation of more than 300 mobile phone signal jammers, from a professional point of view, there are major problems in itself. When signal shielding is required in a large area of ​​clutter, high-gain antennas should be used for large-scale shielding combined with small-scale The leaked indoor antenna is shielded by the method of making up for the optimization. The viewpoint of the antenna and the power of the equipment require professionals to carry out equipment and debugging, so as to achieve the perfect effect of strict shielding in the prison and no disturbance outside the prison. For short-term signal shielding in schools, high-quality low-power portable shielding devices or temporary antenna placement can be used.