Main features of police drones

Dojammer 2022-03-14

The police drone can quickly fly to the scene of the incident. The basic equipment of the drone is usually a multimedia acquisition system, which is responsible for completing the acquisition of video and audio data, and transmits it to the receiver on the ground through wireless transmission. If equipped with high-definition digital cameras, high-quality video capture and real-time audio capture can be performed on the scene, and the on-site video and audio information can be transmitted to the command center in time for the commander to make judgments and decisions. The investigation capability has been greatly enhanced, and the security and reliability of information acquisition have been improved. Equipped with amplifying equipment to shout at the scene, and apply the solution to the masses at the scene

The UAV can use the high-sensitivity camera on board to take uninterrupted picture shooting, obtain image data, and transmit the obtained information and images back to the ground. It is applied to counter-terrorism and stability maintenance. In case of emergencies or catastrophic violent incidents, it can quickly achieve real-time on-site video image transmission for the commander to make scientific decisions and judgments; it has become a rare and important tool. Further improve the response, decision-making and evaluation efficiency of our public security officers, and promote the process of public security information construction. Drone jammer

1. Monitor target buildings for counter-terrorism

2. In response to emergency violent incidents

When the urban surveillance equipment is destroyed, the drone, as an independent device, can go deep into the dangerous area to complete a series of complex investigation tasks, and can also continuously shoot the scene, providing the police with first-hand intuitive and valuable information.

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3. In response to the problem of anti-riot raids

Drones can track and monitor various escape methods adopted by fugitives, and can also be equipped with infrared equipment to monitor fugitives at night, and conduct scanning flight searches for criminal suspects hiding in the jungle. The drone notifies the police of the escape route of the fugitive in advance, improving the police's arrest speed and accuracy.

4. In response to mass disturbances

The drone flew over the target area of ​​the accident to monitor the target area in an all-round and uninterrupted manner, providing a prerequisite for the public security officers to fully control the situation. The police can provide evidence against the party responsible for the accident based on the data captured by the drone. After installing the airdrop device, the drone can also deliver special items, such as spreading leaflets and transmitting information to the ground personnel; small rotary-wing drones can make air calls and transmit government information by adding a tweeter.

5. Monitoring for large gatherings

The drone can monitor the venue in the air, provide high-definition pictures, and can quickly maneuver to any required area to search for suspicious people and vehicles on the ground, providing strong air support. The video image is transmitted back to the command center in real time, and the command center controls the scene in real time according to the data transmitted by the drone. Once an emergency is found, the drone can find it at the first time, which improves the efficiency of emergency handling. Recommended Reading: Electric Drones

6. For search and rescue problems

The UAV can conduct pre-reconnaissance of the target area according to the basic information, determine the geographical location and target situation of the rescue object, and provide information guarantee for the follow-up rescue work.

Application advantages

1. Collect on-site data, quickly transmit on-site video and audio information to the command center, and track the development of the incident for the commander to make judgments and decisions (airborne electronic eyes). After the UAV airborne camera arrives at the scene, it can be deployed quickly and can be observed in a wide range from multiple angles. It has an irreplaceable role and is unmatched by general monitoring equipment.

2. In the state of media failure, disseminate leaflets to convey information to the audience. When some large-scale group riots occur, due to the large number of people participating, it is easy to be irrational, and the scene is difficult to control. When necessary, drones can be used to disseminate leaflets to convey relevant information to the people at the scene, to guide them to cooperate with the government's rescue operations, or to disperse the demonstrators and release dispersal equipment.

3. Make air calls, deliver speeches from government leaders, and express police intentions. Emergencies are uncertain. If normal propaganda tools cannot be used to communicate with the masses during the disposal process, drones can be used to carry loudspeaker equipment to shout at the scene to convey the correct direction of public opinion. Timely delivery of relevant information, equipped with life detectors to help search for signs of life, so that rescue teams can take rescue actions more quickly and safely; a small amount of urgently needed rescue materials (such as first aid medicines, food, communication equipment, etc.) can be directly airdropped to the rescue. Places that are temporarily inaccessible to people and vehicles.

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