Video games trouble family education

Dojammer 2021-11-09

In our cognition, e-sports is playing games, not doing business properly, internet addicted teenagers...especially adults of a certain age who don’t know much about the e-sports industry, and the e-sports in previous years is really not enough. Perfection has caused e-sports to exist in social cognition as an embarrassing identity. However, a piece of news recently released by the state has aroused heated discussion among many netizens.

According to reports, an e-sports education institution in Chengdu can recruit more than 100 trainees a year, 90% of which are such "high-spirited" teenagers. They are more or less tired of learning and addicted to games, but after professional training and various simulation competitions, most of them can finally recognize the gap between themselves and professional players and return to reality.

The report also cited the example of a 14-year-old boy in Beijing, Xiaoshuai: Xiaoshuai was reluctant to speak because he was addicted to games. Xiaoshuai’s parents and the head of the organization reached a consensus in the early communication: let the child feel the difference between himself and professional players. The gap between the two, recognize the reality, and stop in time. Subsequently, the agency arranged super-intensity training and simulation games for Xiaoshuai, filling up Xiaoshuai's time. At the same time, because the long-term training did not allow him to obtain the desired results, Xiaoshuai slowly began to doubt his "level" and began to question whether he was suitable for "professional play." Today, Xiaoshuai has returned to the classroom.

Obviously, this kind of training is to follow the children's wishes and let the children play e-sports as they wish. In fact, the training content is specially set to let the children who like e-sports understand the hardships of e-sports, and then achieve the parents hope so that the children will not be addicted to it. The purpose of the game.

Students addicted to mobile phones are a headache for parents and schools. In fact, blocking mobile phone signals can also control students from indulging in mobile games. Once the mobile phone has no signal, students will gradually stop thinking about online games. So as to better study and rest.

In order to pull students out of the quagmire, some parents and schools adopt some unconventional management methods such as banning mobile phones and banning games, which are also necessary for the good of the students. Schools need to make a difference in this matter. It is definitely much more effective than appeals, teacher rounds, and strict management measures to block mobile phone signals.

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We have to look at it rationally and scientifically in the face of cell phone signal jammer. The working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is to send out a specific signal to awaken or interfere with the signal between the mobile phone and the base station, so that the mobile phone has no signal or cannot find the network service, and the text message sent and received by the mobile phone will also become garbled. Therefore, the original message cannot be recognized.

In fact, signal jammers generally do not affect the signal of the base station, so don't worry, no one will want to interfere with other people's signals.

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