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How to determine the number of signal jammers installed in the examination room?

Dojammer 2021-07-24

The test room signal jammer is a very powerful artifact, which is currently widely used in various test rooms. However, there are some tricks to installing signal jammers. For example, its scope of application. This range determines how many signal shields need to be placed in an examination room. How to determine the number of signal jammers installed in the examination room?

First, look at the power of the signal jammer. At present, the smallest one on the market is 12w, and the coverage of this power signal jammer is usually within 50 meters. This kind of low-power signal jammer has a weak ability to penetrate walls, so it is generally only suitable for relatively empty classrooms. If there are other things blocking the classroom, then one jammer is not enough. Secondly, if there is a base station nearby, the signal jammer can be installed according to the size of the classroom. In general, it is enough to install one classroom of 100 square meters, and you can choose between 200 and 300 square meters according to the surrounding environment. If there is no base station, only two need to be installed. If the effect in the examination room is not good, it means that the number needs to be increased. The last case is that the coverage of the signal jammer itself is not very good. At this time, it needs to be installed. A classroom needs to install two to three. If it is a shield with relatively strong coverage, it is enough to install one in two classrooms of 100 square meters.