How can I prevent my employees from using the Internet at work?

Hi guys! I am a businessman. I own a small business and have a few dozen employees. They have their internet for work limited by software means, but they keep abusing it, but there is no WiFi network in the building. How do they do it and what can I do to stop it?


It's great that you care about how your employees work. I hope you limited your employee's internet not very strictly, right? I mean they can use it to work on working hours and surf whatever websites they want during lunch break? If not, then you should probably do it that way. Still, if it's like I said and they keep abusing the internet connection during their working hours, that's no good, and I have a few things to tell you about that.
Chances are your employees are using Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-connect USB. It's a tiny wireless device that looks like any USB flash drive. Any of your employees can connect it to the PC or laptop and enjoy 3G or 4G internet without even installing drivers. It's as simple as it is - plug in and use. In this case, you need to block the 3G network of Sprint Plug-in-Connect 3G/4G connections and block the 4G Plug-in-Connect Sprint 3G/4G signals in your office to prevent your employees from wasting their working time.

There is also another aspect of using the Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect. As a business person, you would probably like to use this device to do your work on the go and be able to control your business from any part of the world. Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-connect can easily handle this task, but there is one thing you should consider. As long as this device is 3G GPS enabled, and you probably don't want to be tracked, you should prevent USB Plug-in-Connect Sprint 3G/4G tracking, leaving the 4G Frequencies jammer untouched so you can use 4G wirelessly High speed internet in your remote work.