Ministry of Education apologises for cell phone jammers

Dojammer 2022-06-09

This year, mobile phone jammers with signal interference function have been installed in many examination rooms by examination management agencies around the world as a technical means to prevent college entrance examination candidates from cheating. However, on May 24, an article "The founder of cell phone jammer says cell phone jammer is harmful to people" was widely reprinted by the media.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education officially stated yesterday that this statement lacks scientific evidence. After their investigation, the Tsinghua expert who made this statement in the media was not an employee of Tsinghua University. The Ministry of Education also stated that although the Ministry of Education has no mandatory requirements for the use of mobile phone jammers in examination rooms, mobile phone jammers are currently the best means to effectively prevent large-scale cheating. A further guideline on the use of this instrument will be issued in the near future.

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Mobile phone jammer controversy · Origin

Cell phone jammers are harmful, media articles cause waves

On May 24, in the 8th edition of a legal newspaper, the issue of cell phone jammers was discussed at length, and part of it was citing the self-proclaimed "founder of my country's first cell phone jammer, Tang Tai from Tsinghua University". The saying: "Mobile phone blockers will affect people's normal thinking!"

The article also recounted the findings of the reporter's personal experience at close range: "In less than half a minute, the cell phone in the normal state on the table had no signal; within 10 minutes, the reporter began to feel numbness in his face and limbs, accompanied by slight numbness. After 15 minutes, my head started to feel dizzy, I stuttered when I spoke, I couldn’t concentrate my thoughts, my chest became more and more stuffy, and I felt a little nauseous.”

Since May 25, various media have reprinted the news one after another. For a time, the saying that "mobile phone jammers are harmful" has been rising. Some local media said that the local plan to install mobile phone jammers has been suspended.

On the same day, the reporter found some reprinted media in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and wanted to know how to contact Tang Tai. The conclusion was that they had not been contacted. They were looking for information from his blog, which also has their company's contact. Way.

Mobile Jammer Controversy Investigation

Tang Tai is not an expert at Tsinghua University at all

According to his blog and self-proclaimed in the media, Tang Tai: The founder of my country's first mobile phone jammer, the chief engineer of Tsinghua University's Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory. Is this true? Reporters were investigated.

Tsinghua University: There is no such person in the school

On May 25, the reporter interviewed relevant officials of Tsinghua University. They said that there is no such person as Tang Tai in the school. This statement is also the public statement of the Ministry of Education and Tsinghua University yesterday.

At about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory published on Tang Tai's blog page, and a lady Wang, who claimed to be Tang Tai's colleague, said on the phone: "We will no longer accept media interviews, this is Tang Tai. I mean it."

At 6:00 pm yesterday, the reporter arrived at the Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory where Tang Tai works. A male staff member told reporters that Tang Tai is currently not in Beijing. When the reporter expressed his desire to know the background of the Soft Media Laboratory and Tang Tai's personal background, the staff member said he had no comment, and the other party was also tight-lipped on the question of whether the laboratory was affiliated with Tsinghua University.

Seller: He can't be the founder In order to understand the situation of mobile phone jammers, the reporter then interviewed Mr. Song, a technician from Beijing Haode Tech Digital Technology Co., Ltd., who has been developing and selling such products. He told reporters that Tang Tai is "the founder of my country's first mobile phone jammer", which is the first time he has heard of it in the four years he has worked in this industry. He told reporters that the first domestic product of the same kind was made in Korea. The price at that time was 10,000 yuan per unit, and we developed it based on its principle. Now the price of similar products on the market is about 1,000 yuan.

Mobile Jammer Controversy Experience

Reporter's close contact with the shield

No nausea for half an hour

According to the experience of a reporter from a legal newspaper on May 24: After staying with the mobile phone shield for 10 minutes, the reporter began to feel numbness in his face and limbs, accompanied by a slight needle prick. After 15 minutes, his head began to feel dizzy and he spoke I actually stuttered a little, couldn't concentrate my thoughts, my chest became more and more stuffy, and I felt a little nauseated.

Yesterday, the reporter also conducted a quiz at Jinghao Detaike Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The appearance of the mobile phone jammer is similar to that of the product tested by Tang Tai to the interviewer. Four antennas are erected on the flat body, and buttons such as switch and power adjustment are marked on the side of the antenna. When the power is turned on, the indicator light on the body will light up.

In the first step, the two reporters who conducted the test sat on chairs two meters away from the cell phone jammer. Since the office was small, the four people in the office were very close to the jammer. When Mr. Song's colleague turned on the power switch on the top of the machine, the reporter's CDMA mobile phone signal disappeared, and the signals of the other three people's mobile phones (including China Mobile, China Unicom, and PHS) were also blocked.

In the second step, the four people, including the reporter, stayed in the room with the cell phone jammer turned on for nearly half an hour. During this period, the photographer took pictures of the cell phone jammer at close range, but until the end of the interview, there was no “dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc.” symptoms of vomiting".

In the third step, half an hour later, the reporter personally turned off the switch of the mobile phone jammer, and the signals of the four mobile phones in front of him came back immediately.

Mobile Jammer Controversy Investigation

Soft Media Technology is just a tenant of Tsinghua University

According to a legal newspaper that published the news for the first time, the Tsinghua University Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory is a technical research team composed of Tsinghua University teachers and students. Its founder is Tang Tai.

At about 6:00 pm yesterday, the reporter arrived at the east gate of Tsinghua University. After several inquiries, they found the SoftMedia Security Technology Laboratory in a compound with "Beijing Tsinghua Lihe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.".

"There are many companies in this hospital, all of which are rented here. That company has been renting for several years, and none of the companies here belong to Tsinghua University." A staff member in the hospital told reporters, and then pointed to a room facing the university. The bungalow in the north said it was the Soft Media Lab.

When I came to the door, I didn't find the company's signboard, and a promotional poster of "detection dogs" was pasted on the glass of the door. After the reporter knocked on the door to enter, they found a yellow sign "Beijing Soft Media Technology Co., Ltd. Safety Technology Laboratory" on the company's wall.

In the industry and commerce department, the reporter found the Beijing Soft Media Technology Co., Ltd., and the information provided by the industry and commerce department did not contain words related to Tsinghua University.

The radiation from the shield is similar to that of a mobile phone

Is the claim that cell phone jammers are harmful to the human body reliable?

The relevant person in charge of the Student Department of the Ministry of Education said that the harmfulness of mobile phone shields to the human body cannot be generally said to be harmful or harmless.

Regarding some issues about cell phone jammers, the reporter also interviewed Mr. Song from a digital technology company in Beijing who has been developing and selling cell phone jammers for four years.

"The damage caused by mobile phone jammers is the same as that of mobile phones. I don't have such a big reaction when I touch it every day." Mr. Song, who produces and distributes mobile phone jammers, answered the reporter's question.

Due to the continuous research and development and sales of such products, Mr. Song has a certain understanding of the working principle of mobile phone jammers, he said: "Now the power value of the mobile phone electronic power we use is 2 watts, and the power of mobile phone jammers is less than 2 watts. , If there is such a big reaction, who would dare to use a mobile phone?"

According to Mr. Song: At present, the mobile phone jammers used in Beijing are almost the same, and their power is similar to that of a mobile phone. Moreover, our products were sent to the Ministry of Public Security Electronics for testing before promotion, and no abnormality was found.

In addition, 136 cinemas in Beijing have introduced this kind of mobile phone jammer, 70% of which have been installed and used, and no discomfort has occurred to the human body in the covered areas.

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