What happens to the drone after it's driven away by the drone jamming system?

Dojammer 2022-06-27

Many government agencies and key military intelligence units are equipped with drone jamming systems that can effectively hit or jam illegally invading drones. What is the condition of the machine?

The UAV jamming system actually has a variety of jamming modes, which at least include: UAV ejection mode, UAV forced landing mode, UAV precision strike mode and so on. When the UAV jamming system operates in different jamming modes, the operating states of the jammed UAVs are different. Let's answer them one by one. drone jammer

Drone Eject Mode: When the UAV jamming system activates the eject mode, the purpose is to make the drones illegally entering the restricted flight area to evacuate the area as soon as possible. At this point, the jammed UAVs lose flight control and image transmission. signal, then it will immediately turn on the auto return mode and automatically return to the starting location according to the preset altitude or advanced route.

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Drone forced landing mode: When the drone jamming system starts the forced landing mode, the purpose of this mode is to capture or destroy illegally invaded drones, and the drone's flight control, image transmission and GPS positioning, navigation and other signals will be jammed and the signal is lost. At this point, the drones are like headless flies. Some of them land in place or even stay in the air and fall right down. Another part of the UAV maintains the flight state of the last normal communication and flies by inertia, causing the UAV to fall on the ground, hit an obstacle, or fly out of the jamming signal of the UAV jamming system. covered the bandwidth.

UAV precision strike: when the UAV jamming system starts the precise strike mode, the premise of this mode is that the UAV jamming system itself has the UAV identification function, which can identify the UAV in the air. to carry out targeted interventions and strikes against drones in the non-safety list.

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