Drone detection and jamming

Unmanned aerial vehicles are undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing and fastest-applied fields in the near future. They have brought unprecedented convenience to many fields such as agricultural spraying, aerial surveying and mapping, forest inspections, etc., but there are also some worrying phenomena: illegal use When drones enter no-fly airspace or protected airspace, the excessive power affects other normal radio communications. Some people even use drones for drug trafficking and terrorist activities, causing huge threats and harm to the people’s production and life. In particular, the transmission power of drones often causes interference to the radio equipment normally used in the field in which they are located, and brings many difficulties to radio management and monitoring. Therefore, in the radio management work, the supervision and countermeasures of UAVs are extremely urgent.

In recent years, the threat of drones has become increasingly nervous for many security agencies. Today, drones and terrorists use drones for various activities, such as dropping small bombs at enemy forces in Syria and Iraq. The same drones are often used to detect and smuggle illegal goods.

Over the past few years, Dojammer has developed and created a drone countermeasure technology response to such threats. The operating concept relies on scanning the sky for hostile drones to detect drone threats as early as possible.

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