Mobile drone counter gun

Dojammer 2022-08-18

The rapid development of the drone market has also driven the development of related industries. As a high-tech product, drones have undoubtedly brought great convenience to people's lives. The flooding has also given illegal elements an opportunity to use drones to hinder public safety, and even affect the safety of people's lives and property. For this reason, as a company that has been in the security industry for nearly 17 years, Lingxin Technology has developed a mobile drone counter-gun (portable counter-gun) together with signal interference experts. Battery, easy to use, press the power button of the device, pull the trigger of the device, the device will quickly enter the working state, and long-distance interference intercepts the black flying drone. drone jammer

Let's briefly introduce how this magical portable drone counter gun of Lingxin Technology interferes with the drone? What are the characteristics?

First, let's explain how the drone counter gun works: the device consists of a handheld host and a battery pack. The handheld host is an integrated design of three-band transmitter antennas, which can generate 2.4GHz/5.8GHz frequency band UAV flight control interference signals and satellite positioning interference signals at the same time. Blocking interference, so that it loses flight control instructions and satellite positioning information, making it impossible to fly normally. Depending on the settings of the drone, it will have the control effect of returning home and forced landing.

drone Jammers

Features of Mobile Drone Counter Gun:

1. High integration, easier to carry;

2. It has the functions of driving away and forced landing, and two modes can be switched on the gun body;

3. Built-in high-performance lithium battery, continuous working time ≥ 90 minutes.

4: Comprehensive interception models: built-in GPS, Beidou, 2.4G, 5.8G frequency band interception modules, which can cover almost all types of drones.

5. Ultra-long-distance interception: The UAV interception system uses high-power LDMOS devices, combined with frequency correction and fast frequency sweep technology, which greatly provides the interception effect of the equipment. The measured interception distance can reach more than 1500 meters, and the interception effect is industry-leading.

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