How to determine the installation point of the mobile phone signal jammer?

Dojammer 2021-11-04

Many friends have never understood how to determine the installation point of a cell phone signal jammer. Today, the mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer will explain and answer this question for you. Let us understand it together.

How to determine the installation point of the mobile phone signal jammer

Needs to be determined according to the installation location and area:

1, for single space

Like a common small and medium-sized meeting room, the inside is a transparent environment, the selection of the position of the shield is relatively simple, and the number of points required is less.

2, 100-300 square meters

A conference room with an area of ​​about 100-300 square meters, generally installing 1-2 sets of low power in it is basically enough to achieve the shielding of the entire conference room. The installation location is also arbitrary depending on the site environment. If the ceiling or movable ceiling is above the meeting room, the shield can be directly installed in the ceiling or suspended ceiling. Or you can choose to install it in a conference table, a corner, or a wall in the venue. You can use the built-in omnidirectional antenna, if you want to reduce the impact on the outside world, you can replace it with a directional antenna.

3, 300 square meters or more

In a single space with an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, the installation point of the shield can be selected by the method of equidistant distribution according to the length and width of the site. The number is generally more than 3 units. The installation position, if it can be installed on the ceiling in the middle, this can achieve the effect of complete coverage with fewer points, otherwise, use the installation method of hanging walls on both sides.

In order to promote successful installation, the area of ​​the installation site should be clarified before installing the shield. When installing, it must be decided according to its coverage, not to install at will. In order to improve its shielding effect. Promote the attenuation and shielding of the signal.