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Solution to cell phone signal jammer in detention center

Dojammer 2021-05-07

In order to meet the requirements of new trends, improve the high-tech prevention level of detention centers, enhance the high-tech management capabilities of detention centers, promote the establishment of data information management detention centers, promote the harmonious and stable progress of detention centers, and continue to improve the modernization level of detention center operations. Carry out reasonable and reasonable manipulation and prevention of mobile phone signals in detention centers to avoid security risks arising from the use of smartphones in violation of regulations.

The construction of the smart phone signal shielding system in the detention center follows the relevant regulations and instructions of the Ministry of Justice of the State, and also has practical and urgent requirements. During the operation and maintenance process of the smart phone signal shielding system in the detention center, for the interception of the internal area of ​​the building, it is necessary to fully consider the distance between public facilities such as citizens (colleges) near the building location, and also refer to the distance and reception of the communication base station of the nearby communication rack. Sensitivity, in order not to affect all normal communications of mobile phone signals in nearby public facilities to carry out network interception.

In addition, we must also take into account the provisions for the interception of mobile phone signals within the scope of the detention center. Outdoor large-scale shielding devices can be used to cover the courtyard wall to ensure the interception of mobile phone signals in all areas. The existing blind spots and missing points will be used to assemble the cell phone jammer, and then make full use of the product characteristics to further improve the role of the jammer.

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Product features of smart phone signal jammer:

1. 6-channel cross-type interception to achieve the best interception effect, interception includes GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, 4G

2. Reasonably divided into stages, only affect the downlink, not the communication base station;

3. The display lights on the overall body are convenient for the suspension height to be higher than the field of view, and the interception work can also be grasped by the lower display lights.

4. Imported processing chips to ensure quality, quantity and reliability;

5. The power supply is embedded to prevent criminals from deliberately destroying and to ensure the service life of the equipment;

6. Two-way industrialized switching power supply for metal materials, complete uninterrupted and sustainable operation in a true sense;

7. The mobile phone signal jammer is a small output power device, which is environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and does not pose a threat to health.