Demystifying some of the secrets of cell phone signals

Dojammer 2022-09-13

Is the signal on the phone one bar or full bar?

Why is the call still so clear when one bar is full, and the Internet seems to be speeding up when it is full?

Two tables to show you the functions and functions of the mobile phone signals of the three major operators

We often see that our mobile phone signal is only one bar, we usually find that the network is terribly unstable,

Regardless of whether you choose the package content with unlimited data (I have money).

Use the card of the mobile enterprise with better signal coverage,

Even on mobile phones, it is the most leathery CPU and equipment nowadays

The bars displayed on the phone seem to have nothing to do with him

The following two tables are used to clarify the frequency bands and functional relationships of the communication base stations of the three major operators.

This is also a **

what is this? Totally do not understand eh?

Seeing that it's all 5G, are you tired of mentioning 2, 3, and 4G to me?

Don't feel tired of hearing this, I still use this frequency band every day.

A second table was then used, showing his role.

There is no mistake, mobile calls or 2G communication base stations 20 years ago

If you don't believe me, dial the phone and look at the sign in your phone, the signal will drop to 2G

China Unicom calls or 3G

Telecom network calls or 3G

Of course, the Internet is all 4G broadband network, so that you can quickly connect to the Internet

There are also some Internet of Things devices with mobile phone traffic, all of which go through the industrial Internet of Things wireless channel.

This thing has a new national standard, called NB, not the one who scolded people, but the thing below

Power engineering water meter reading,

Fengchao Station,

Sports POS machine

Industrial control automation transmits data

even shared bikes

Many, many must be connected to the network, and the amount of information is relatively small to transmit data

It's all about the Industrial Internet of Things, what's going on?

The total flow is cost-effective, and the equipment is cost-effective!

Well, go back to the fiber-optic broadband that has a monthly subscription of 38 yuan with us.

Mobile Internet speed depends on 4G signal | Signal amplifier on 4G mobile phone

4G signal is good, maybe the network speed is good

yes, very likely

The network speed is determined by the frequency stability of the natural environment.

(The signal has a great influence, and naturally it can't go fast)

The number of users is large, there is only one cake, and the speed cannot go down.

(When you try to hold a concert, can the speed of the local network speed up with the crowds?)

Naturally, a strong signal is required

When the mobile phone is in standby, the compressive strength of the signal seen is 4G, if it is full, it is strong enough

When talking on the phone, the compressive strength of the signal seen is 2/3G, if it is full, it is strong enough

Why do operators have to make the signal so complicated, why not just use 4G?

There is no way, because there are so many historical reasons

As a result, historical time machine equipment is only suitable for 2G and 3G frequency bands

Operators will continue to use and maintain

When will it be unified?

Perhaps for industrial production and social machinery and equipment, it is always a coexistence situation

But for mobile users hahaha

It is possible that all calls will be unified to 4G, which is the VOLTE | 4G mobile phone signal amplifier you see above.

The name on the phone is called "HD Voice Call"

The specific role is to take network broadband calls

Maybe in the near future, maybe 2020

When 5G commercial comes in all directions

The Internet will migrate to 5G

And calls may be migrated to 4G | Signal amplifier on 4G mobile phone

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