Does the customer need to debug after receiving the full-band signal jammer?

Dojammer 2022-06-18

Before the full-band signal jammer leaves the factory, each frequency band is only allowed to be shipped after passing the debugging and aging test. After receiving the full-band signal jammer, the customer does not need to debug it, but only needs to connect the 220V mains power to test the shielding distance through the mobile phone.

Since the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer is closely related to the on-site environment and signal strength, the shielding distance is different in different places. Mobile phones of different operators have different shielding distances in the same on-site environment. This is because each frequency band of the full-band jammer is output according to the maximum output power, generally 2-3W, but in the same environment, the signal strength of the three major operators is different, which affects the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer It is related to the strength of the mobile phone signal of the three major operators. The stronger the signal, the shorter the shielding distance, and the weaker the signal, the longer the shielding distance. As a result, different operators have different shielding distances for mobile phones.

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How to determine the number of full-band maskers?

A customer inquired that the school dormitory needs to install a full-band shielding device, but how to determine the specific number and installation method of the full-band shielding device?

After understanding the customer's needs, we will check the layout of each floor of the school dormitory building and the length and width of the dormitory according to the floor plan of the school dormitory provided by the customer. Estimate the number of full-band shielding devices according to the signal strength of mobile phones under normal circumstances, and mark the installation location and approximate shielding range on the map. It is more intuitive for customers to refer to and make judgments based on the actual situation.

In addition, if you want to know more accurately the number of full-band shielding instruments required in the field, you can borrow a full-frequency shielding instrument to test the actual shielding range on site, and then determine the specific number.

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