What should be paid attention to when conducting confidential anti-eavesdropping inspections in classified places?

Dojammer 2022-02-11

Confidential websites tend to undergo stricter checks to prevent the leakage of important information. The inspection of the security-related places and the environment of the security department is an important part of the security technology inspection. The security inspection of the secret place mainly includes: abnormal wireless signal inspection, access control inspection and monitoring system, security inspection of the surrounding environment of the secret place, electronic equipment inspection hidden in the secret place, feed source inspection, and hidden inspection. camera equipment, etc.

With the increasing development of communication technology, sensor technology and computer technology, access control, supervision, intrusion alarm systems, etc. are constantly developing. They are increasingly used as a powerful means of preventing intrusion, theft and vandalism. When a secret-related unit implements an access control monitoring system, it should be designed in accordance with the relevant national intrusion alarm system engineering design specifications, combined with national security standards and related requirements, to prevent the loss of shielding effectiveness, cross-modulation, and electromagnetic leakage caused by the deployment of intrusion alarm system equipment. . Leaks sound, light and electromagnetic information such as emissions. frequency jammer

1. Check for abnormal wireless signal

When using a special detector to detect whether there is an abnormal wireless signal in a room, conference room, etc., the signal may not be detected, because we cannot turn off the equipment to test the electromagnetic field of the environment and then turn on the electromagnetic field after the device under test is powered on to calculate the radiation intensity. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the ambient radio signal at a distance from the test site, and then compare it with the radio signal in the field to see if there is a new signal, and determine whether there is a device that transmits wireless signals. Signal. Generally speaking, the signal emitted by a radio, television or high power station is the far-field signal of the spectrum analyzer. Moving the measuring antenna distance does not affect the measured frequency and signal strength. For low power transmission equipment, moving the antenna will not affect the measured frequency or signal strength. It seriously affects the frequency and strength of the signal under test, so it can be determined whether there is a wireless signal transmission device on site.

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2. Access control monitoring system inspection

Check access control and monitoring systems, including the following:

(1) The system must not fail to report.

(2) The alarm control device can display the area or address where the alarm occurs.

(3) Sound and light alarm information should be issued when the equipment or system line is damaged.

(4) When the system communication link is blocked for more than 30 seconds, an audible and visual alarm message should be issued.

(5) The system log function is intact (it can record alarms, faults, damage, startup, shutdown, fortification, disarming, policy changes, etc.).

(6) The system self-checking function is intact.

(7) The display of system defense and disarm status is obviously different.

(8) The system's automatic alarm response time does not exceed 2 seconds.

3. Security inspection of the surrounding environment of the secret place.

Use special testing equipment to measure the distance between secret-related places, especially foreign-related buildings, commercial buildings, large public parking lots, squares, commercial and residential buildings, residential buildings and surrounding buildings. According to the relevant regulations of the state, there shall be no foreign-related buildings within a certain range of secret-related office buildings. If the above situation occurs, the unit under test must be required to take corresponding security and confidentiality measures.

For the inspection of the distance between rooms in an office building, the distance within the jurisdiction of the unit under test can be appropriately relaxed. Directly on the side of the window outside, if the distance is too close, the unit under test should be advised to choose another suitable place as a hiding place.

4. Check electronic devices hidden in secret places.

Use special inspection equipment to inspect all items in secret locations.

5. Check the power supply

Use special inspection equipment to check power sockets in relevant secret locations. If a suspicious signal is found, it should be analyzed to determine the nature of the signal and find the source of the emission.

6. Inspection of hidden camera equipment

Use special inspection equipment to inspect all corners and objects in secret places.

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