How to make children not use WiFi network to play computer?

I need your help and advice. My question is how to protect WiFi networks? Sometimes my child will indulge in the internet and play online games. I can no longer control his behavior. I try to forbid him to use a personal computer. However, I find that my child will always be sneaky on the Internet. I even put the password on WiFi. Modified or cannot stop.
Is there any equipment that can help me solve this problem?



Some of our devices can help you solve your WiFi network problems. First of all, if you change your password, you cannot prevent your child from using WiFi because the password can be cracked by software. But we have a way to prevent them from using WiFi. You only need to buy a WiFi Signal Jammer, it can jam WiFi within a certain range. At home, we recommend choosing the Desktop WiFi Blocker, which ensures that the WiFi network is protected within a range of 40 meters. Also, many people are worried that these Signal Jammers will harm children's health. We can guarantee there will be no impact and can be used with confidence. Highly Recommend WiFi Jammer:Portable WIFI Signal Jammer
Thank you for your question. I hope my suggestion can help you.