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Signal jammer knowledge-quick questions and answers

Dojammer 2021-11-04

1. The case of the mobile phone signal jammer becomes hot after working for a period of time. Will it damage the machine after working for a long time?
Answer: Thank you for your carefulness. This is a normal phenomenon. In design, we use the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy thermal strips to assist in heat dissipation. So as to ensure stable work for a long time. Therefore, the hot casing will not damage the machine

2. How to check whether the mobile phone is blocked?
Answer: When checking whether the mobile phone is blocked, you should pay attention not to just check the signal grid number on the mobile phone, because the signal grid number on the mobile phone is sometimes false and does not represent the current mobile phone communication situation. At this time, we must not draw conclusions prematurely. , Said that this shielding device has no effect. Instead, you should dial the mobile phone intermittently. You can try to dial a local toll-free number or a fixed landline number. If the call fails, it is judged to be still in the shielding range, otherwise, it means that the shielding range is out of range.

3. Can the mobile phone signal jammer block wifi?
Answer: Yes, our brand-new technology full-band mobile phone signal jammer, which means that it can shield 2G+3G+4G+5G+WIFI.

There are also those that only shield the 2.4G router wifi and not the cell phone signal. This is mainly based on customer needs.

4. What signals can the mobile phone signal jammer block?
Answer: The current jammer can shield: GSM network, TD network, CDMA network, CDMA2000 network, WCDMA network, DCS (1800MHz), CDMA (1900MHz), 4G, 5G, WIFI (wireless local area network), GPS (satellite signal), etc. Wait

5. Is there any difference between signal jammer, mobile phone jammer and mobile phone signal jammer?
Answer: There is no difference, but the statement is different. Mobile phone signal jammer is also called: jammer, mobile phone jammer, signal jammer, mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone signal blocker, mobile phone isolator, mobile phone interceptor, mobile communication signal Jammers, mobile phone signal shielding devices, mobile phone jammers, signal jammers, mobile phone blockers, signal blockers, mobile phone signal isolators, signal isolators, mobile phone signal interceptors, radio signal jammers.