Wifi jammer channel blocking cell phone use in class

Dojammer 2022-03-25

Disadvantages of Using Cell Phones in Schools As our standard of living improves, junior high school students usually have their own cell phones and other electronic products. This situation caused many problems for the school administration. Students stay up late, texting on their phones and surfing the web. During the day, the class yawned and the students hunched over to sleep. At present, the use of wifi jammer channel in the classroom is widespread, and we believe that students have the right to use mobile phones in the classroom. They don't listen to instructions, so they send text messages, listen to music, watch videos and movies, and play games on their phones, so they have to repeat them over and over again. It didn't happen. Some students responded and shouted in class. WiFi jammers The electromagnetic wave shielding of the smartphone can determine the interference distance according to the actual situation, and the connection with the mobile phone is often lost. I used a cell phone jammer to cause radio interference and the radio wave vanished and went out of range in no time. Now more and more people are interested in it.

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The mobile phone signal jammer (jammer) of the examination room is divided into omnidirectional type and directional type according to the form of interference (shielding). The omnidirectional type has an olive shape and the directional type has a fan shape, so the omnidirectional type is shielded. The shielding area of ​​the jammer is larger than that of the directional jammer; WiFi jammer channel (jammer) is designed to generate a specific electromagnetic wave to jam the downlink of its mobile communication signal. If the power of the jammer (jammer) is greater than the power of the local cellphone signal, the cellphone will have no signal. If the power of the jammer (jammer) is less than the power of the local cellular signal, the cellphone has a signal. Whether there is a signal or no signal, the Internet and calls from the jammer's surrounding cell phones will be severely impacted.

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