Drones enter the zoo, causing public outrage!

Dojammer 2022-01-21

On April 25, Ms. Cai took her children to Changzhou Yancheng Wildlife World. At about 4:00 p.m., when she passed the Macaque Flower and Fruit Mountain area in the pedestrian zone, Ms. Cai found a young man with a backpack on his back, flying a small drone in the monkey island. "Maybe the drone flew too low, and I saw that the monkeys were very scared. Later, some monkeys ran after the drone directly, and one monkey slapped the drone directly to the ground." Ms. Cai Said that, the security guards of the park arrived later and took away the young man who flew the drone.

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"Drones are expensive and can't stand falling. But I think he deserves it. Animals are so cute, it's not right to fly in for no reason and disturb them." Ms. Cai said that everyone should protect animals, Civilization Garden.

The reporter also contacted the relevant staff of Changzhou Yancheng Wildlife World. He told reporters that at 4 p.m. on the 25th, it did happen that tourists photographed monkeys with small drones in the park, but were photographed by monkeys instead.

The staff said that when the tourist's shooting behavior was discovered, the on-site breeder reminded and persuaded him, but the tourist did not stop his actions.

When the aerial camera fell on Huaguo Mountain, the breeder went to the venue in time to clean up the aerial camera and communicated with the tourist on the spot. According to the tourist, he was recording an interesting little video, but he didn't expect the monkey to directly shoot down the aerial camera. Besides, the park did not explicitly say that no equipment can be brought into the park to take pictures.

In this regard, the breeder patiently explained to the tourist that many animals are very vigilant about noise and moving things, thinking they are natural enemies or other threats, so they will be in high tension, especially the irritable macaques, It takes time to appease them, which is detrimental to the management of animal populations.

Recently, more and more people like to use drones for aerial photography, not only in tourist attractions at home and abroad, but also illegally using drones in high-altitude cities or airports and other clearance areas, causing great security risks. To avoid such dangerous incidents, on the one hand, everyone needs to consciously abide by the management rules of unmanned aerial vehicles. . Dojammer has been deeply involved in the UAV countermeasure industry for many years. The self-developed anti-UAV system has provided low-altitude security for major occasions many times, and has been strongly recognized by relevant departments.

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