Questions you need to know about mobile phone signal jammers

Dojammer 2021-11-10

When most customers buy a signal jammer, they will have a lot of questions about the jammer, such as: Is the jammer harmful to the human body? Will the shielding device become hot after a period of use will damage the machine? Everyone’s understanding of mobile phone signal jammers is probably limited to knowing that it can interfere with mobile phone signals. Using it during exams can prevent candidates from using mobile phones to cheat. During a meeting, it can purify the venue environment and will not be disturbed by sudden calls. Interrupting the pace of the meeting may even lead to leaks. Therefore, the use of mobile phone shielding devices in examination rooms, conference room shielding devices, etc., has become more necessary in these places. However, some practical problems are still not understood. Below, I will answer everyone's long-standing doubts.

1. Is the mobile phone jammer harmful to the human body?

General mobile phone jammers are not harmful to human health. First of all, radiation is roughly divided into two types. One is high-energy ionizing radiation, such as hospital X-ray machines or nuclear radiation. Ionizing radiation is harmful to humans. The damage is relatively large, but there is less exposure in daily life; the other is non-ionizing radiation, the most common in life is that the electromagnetic radiation generated by general electrical appliances belongs to non-ionizing radiation. For example, the radiation generated by microwave ovens, refrigerators, mobile phones and computers that people use every day is electromagnetic radiation. The interference device emits a kind of electromagnetic radiation, and the emitted electromagnetic radiation energy is also relatively low, so it can be determined that the general mobile phone jammer will not pose a hazard to human health. When choosing a mobile phone jammer, it is recommended to choose a qualified and regular manufacturer. For example, the signal jamming equipment produced by Nanjing Bokang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has been tested by a national authoritative unit, conforms to the national standard, and does not pose a hazard to the human body. You can rest assured use.

2. After turning on the shielding device, why does the mobile phone show that there is still a signal?

When some customers use the signal jammer again, they often encounter such a situation. After the signal jammer is powered on and enters the working state, the mobile phone can no longer communicate, but there is still a signal grid displayed on the mobile phone screen. This is because although there is a connection between the mobile phone and the base station, the mobile phone can receive the signal from the base station, but this signal is not enough to ensure that the mobile phone can make a normal call and the data flow is online. The signal grid number displayed on the mobile phone is false. When you make a phone call or use data traffic to surf the Internet, you will find that the mobile phone has no signal, and the number of signal bars on the mobile phone will disappear.

3. The case of the mobile phone jammer becomes hot after working for a period of time. Will it damage the machine after working for a long time?

It is a normal phenomenon for the case of a mobile phone jammer to become hot after being powered on for a period of time. At present, all electronic products will generate more or less heat after being powered on for a period of time. The heat continues to accumulate, and the surface of the device will become hot. Hot. As long as the temperature does not exceed the equipment tolerance value, it will not cause damage to the equipment itself, and the equipment can continue to work normally. Furthermore, most of the mobile phone jammers will have a cooling fan to dissipate heat, which is used to ensure the long-term stable operation of the mobile phone signal jammer, reduce the failure rate, and increase the service life.

4. Will the mobile phone jammer affect the normal operation of other devices?

Mobile phone jammers generally do not affect the normal operation of other devices. The electromagnetic signals emitted by signal jammers are within the internationally prescribed mobile phone working frequency bands, and will only block the corresponding mobile phone communication frequency bands, as long as the working frequency of these devices is consistent with the mobile phone signal. The different frequency bands of the shielding device will generally not affect other equipment.