How the exiled mafia boss became the center of Turkish politics

Dojammer 2021-05-21

In the past few years, mafia figures-many with ultra-nationalist backgrounds-have gradually appeared publicly on various platforms. One of them is Alaattin Cakici, who was released from prison under a parole law last year to curb the spread of the new coronavirus in prison. Soon after his release, Kakić issued an open letter threatening the leaders of Turkey’s main opposition faction.

The youngest is Sedat Peker. In 2016, he made a name for peace into the so-called peace scholars-the blood of the people who signed the Peace Academic Initiative, and declared them as terrorists, thus becoming widely known across the country. . After criminal proceedings were filed in this matter, Peker was found not guilty. He even won business awards from various organizations, including the "Milliyet Daily" award in 2017 for "Most Favorable Merchant".

Since May 1, Turkey has been shocked by the YouTube video of the exiled Mafia chief, in which he described incidents of suspected crime, corruption and state secrets. The 49-year-old Peker has been engaged in media, politics, and interaction with Islamic networks for more than a decade. Peikko has released five videos, each of which takes about an hour. With each release, its popularity has risen sharply. The fourth video received more than 5 million views in five days. Peker has promised to provide more videos because the comments in his post show a group of loyal listeners who ask detailed questions about various topics.

Since 2015, Peck is not only any businessman, he has also organized political rallies in various cities. He can be seen in photos and videos of celebrities, as well as in photos and videos of political figures such as Erdogan. He has often appeared in the upper-class social activities of the Turkish century.

Peck has been convicted of organized crime twice, and he left Turkey in 2019. He said he did not run away, just trying to graduate from university. According to reports, after traveling to several Balkan countries, he was recording a video in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, asking why the ruling elite abandoned him. The common theme in Peikko’s videos is the accusation that senior officials of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) betrayed him. He claimed that Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu had told him that an investigation report would be prepared before he left the country. Peikko also claimed that he has left Turkey and expects to be "invited" to return home.

In his video, Peck has made several accusations against the AKP elite (including Soylu and other lawmakers). Although many of these allegations have long been suspected, the allegations on Peck's record have rekindled the public interest. These allegations involve possible murder, rape, drug smuggling and abuse of political power. These allegations involve former senior bureaucrats such as Mohamed Agar (AKH MP) and his son Sollu Agar (Sollu Agar), as well as Soylu and his advisers. Peker claimed that the young Agar was involved in the rape and death of a young female journalist who was initially reported to have committed suicide. Other allegations involve the extravagant spending habits of Soylu consultants.

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In addition, Peker repeatedly mentioned that the government assigned him security data, including security data when he traveled abroad. He has submitted an official document of the Istanbul Provincial Protection Detailed Committee to support his claim. Opposition lawmakers added these allegations this week, saying that the Ministry of the Interior gave Peikko a portable cell phone jammer to prevent security and intelligence officials from answering his calls.

The AKP elite he targeted felt obliged to fight him. This benefits Peker. His words angered political elites who had allegedly been in direct contact with him for many years. Where freedom of speech is prohibited, only lawbreakers can speak freely. Interestingly, not only did not prevent access to his video, but so far, no one has been detained for talking about it. Strangely, Peker's video gave a very nervous audience in Turkey a chance to brag.

Peker's carefully prepared and carefully edited speech is considered to be true and helpful. A senior security official, who asked not to be named, said: “Peck doesn’t have to reveal everything he knows, just show what he knows. When Mafia leaders appear in public, they should decisively change the lineup of top management It’s time. In Peker’s words, Erdogan will turn the table. I see Peker is still serving the country."

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