State Grid installs and builds drone countermeasure equipment

Dojammer 2022-06-06

In recent years, international and domestic terrorist activities have been active, and major and vicious terrorist incidents have occurred frequently. A reliable power source is associated with social stability. As primary electrical equipment, grid facilities are easy targets for terrorists. They belong to the key prevention objects, and the counter-terrorism task is heavy and the responsibility is heavy. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to equip UAV countermeasures in switchyards and substations.

Drone drive away

At present, the anti-drone technology of various countries is mainly divided into three categories. First of all, it is realized through signal interference, sound through signal interference, sound wave interference and other technologies. The second is the direct destruction category, including the use of laser weapons, the use of drones against drones, etc. The third is monitoring, mainly by hijacking radio control and so on. The second technology is mainly used in the military field. Wufeng Technology is China Southern Power Grid's first drone jammer equipment.

Currently, radio communication technology is mainly used to control drones. By sending a high-power jamming signal to the target drone and suppressing the control signal, the drone can be forced to land or return. The anti-electron gun launched by Wufeng Technology is used for forced landing of drones. This gun has an electronic jammer mounted on the rifle frame. Once the trigger is pulled, the jammer will send a full-band jamming signal to the drone, causing the drone to disengage from the controller and automatically land on the ground when it cannot receive the control signal. Once the drone signal is in chaos, there are usually three options: land, return to the operator, or descend smoothly. The effective range of this rifle is 1000 meters.

Drone Signal Jammer

Electromagnetic suppression system

The electromagnetic pressure system can lock and attack the target in a moving state, cut off the signals of small drones and GPS satellites, connect the communication signals and graphic transmission signals of the remote control, and smoothly suppress and land the drones.

Grid equipment and substations are critical facilities for a nation, and their security readiness is no less than that of a theater command. The safety system of electrical equipment is related to social stability and national security. If we don't protect it well, I'm afraid no one can bear the consequences. Therefore, under the trend of continuous updating of new technologies, countries should deploy a large number of advanced weapons around power facilities, conduct real-time monitoring and early warning of UAVs, and strengthen daily management practices. It's not hard to attack it.