Can a wireless signal blocker block wired cameras?

Dojammer 2022-06-15

The main function of the wireless signal blocker is to block the commonly used wireless signals of various frequency bands. The types of these wireless signals include mobile phone signals of all formats, WIFI signals, Bluetooth signals, remote control signals, wireless image transmission signals and wireless data transmission signals. Wait, but here comes the question, some customers will ask us, can the wireless signal jammers we produce shield wired cameras? That is, the kind of camera that transmits the video signal through the video cable.

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The result is very sorry, the wireless signal blocker can block the wireless signal, which does not include the wired signal transmitted through the cable. At present, when various cameras on the market are installed, their video signal transmission methods are roughly divided into two types, one is wired transmission and the other is wireless transmission. When using the wired transmission mode, the video signal transmission path is in the video cable, and the interference signal emitted by the wireless signal shielding device has no interference and shielding effect on the video signal in the line. However, when the camera is wireless, such as through the WiFi2.4G or WiFi5.8G frequency band, or through the SIM card of the mobile phone, in the way of 4G or 5G data traffic, then in this form, our wireless signal jammer It can effectively shield and interfere with the transmission of the video signal.

In addition, it needs to be added that there is another special scenario in which the wireless signal jammer can interfere with the wired camera to a certain extent. This is that the video cable of the camera is very close to or close to the emission of the wireless signal jammer. When the antenna is used, if the video cable has no shielding material or the protective layer of the cable lacks anti-interference material, the video signal in the video cable will be seriously interfered, which will also cause the remote video signal receiving end to be unable to receive it. to a normal and clear image.