Block unknown camera types

I have a difficult neighbor who for 2 years has placed 2 cameras on his door and looked at mine from an approximate distance. 7.5 pieces. The distance between the 2 cameras is aprox. 5 meters. They are placed on the walls of the hall with artificial light. They always have red lights inside that they are working. There are no cables connected, or at least they can't be seen. I really want to get rid of his camera. It also has cameras in peepholes. He is a tramp. Please help stop these cameras from working. I've been looking for a jammer, but I have wifi at home and I'm afraid I won't stop either. The authorities did nothing. what can I do? Maybe some spray paint to spray on them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You and your neighbors are really lucky. If the camera uses a WiFi connection, you can definitely block it with a WiFi blocker. Usually they work at 2.4 frequency. But you are right, it can stop your WiFi connection. You can place it as close to the camera as possible. WiFi signal will not work within 15 meters. Here, you have to decide what is important to you: monitoring your neighbors or WiFi networks. Maybe you can discuss these cameras with your neighbors?