The application of wireless intercom system sharing working frequency wireless intercom

Dojammer 2022-02-28

The wireless intercom system shares the use of the working frequency wireless intercom. Follow the editor to learn about it:

At this stage, the working frequency type wireless walkie-talkie usually has two ways of use: the working frequency type. At the same time, in order to complete the use of the working frequency and other basic parameters, it is usually equipped with a display with different but roughly similar basic functions. function keys. This type of wireless walkie-talkie is a little more complicated than the simple channel column type wireless walkie-talkie, but it is still very simple if it does not involve high-level applications.

1. Working frequency setting:

First, you need to add another numeric keyboard (eg: 0, 1) according to the function button to convert the usage mode to the working frequency mode (ie VFO). Some devices can directly set the VFO key, or the VFO/MR combination key, you can directly press this key to switch to the working frequency usage mode.

In this way, the display will not prompt the channel column number, but the key prompts the working frequency. At this time, according to the working frequency required by the numeric keyboard, the required working frequency can be input in order from left to right. The left and right are filled with 0. The decimal places do not need to be input.

If there is no function key, you can also step up or down from the current working frequency according to the up and down keys or other specially defined keys (such as: A, B, C, D) according to the step frequency difference value set by this machine. The working frequency value is adjusted until it is adjusted to the working frequency that you need.

2. Storage of working frequency and basic parameters/use of wireless channel:

After setting the working frequency and various other basic parameters in the working frequency mode, it is best to store the common working frequency and basic parameters in the "wireless channel", which is convenient for adjustment and use anytime and anywhere in the future.

Working frequency and basic parameter storage: First, set the working frequency and other various basic parameters in the working frequency mode (not required in all specific cases); then store the basic functions according to the commitment of each device key, at this time, the wireless channel number usually flashes; then change the wireless channel number to be stored according to the up and down keys or the numeric keyboard; press the storage function key again, the working frequency and basic parameters to be set are stored in a specific wireless channel.

Wireless channel adjustment: in the future, just press the conversion function button of the working frequency mode/channel column mode (storage mode) to convert the usage mode to the wireless channel mode, use the digital keyboard wireless channel number, or use the up and down keys in sequence By adjusting the wireless channel number, the pre-stored working frequency and various basic parameters can be adjusted, and the working frequency can be used to communicate with various configuration basic parameters.

3. Scan application:

The scanning function of the wireless walkie-talkie can be used without knowing the operating frequency and mute tone used by the other party.

Under normal circumstances, you can use the function key + up/down key to turn on the scan function. It can be used in the working frequency method. At this time, the working frequency step value set by the device is used to scan up/down the working frequency used by the other party (the other party is in the transmitting state); it can also be used in the wireless channel method. In this case, the scanning is carried out according to the working frequency stored in the wireless channel of the device in advance.

If the scanning frequency of the other party is detected, the machine will stop for a few seconds. At this time, press any key to terminate the scanning. After that, you can gradually talk to the other party according to the scanning frequency. You can also turn on the mute scanning function of the machine and equipment in a similar way (the machine and equipment are different, and the application method is not exactly the same, but basically the function button + numeric keyboard is the standard), and the mute audio value used by the other party can be scanned. The operation steps are basically the same as the scanning frequency.

After scanning the working frequency and mute tone of the other party, it is best to store all technical parameters in a certain wireless channel, which is convenient for scheduling and use anytime, anywhere. Some channel column-type wireless walkie-talkies also have a scanning function, and the scanning function can be turned on by pressing its function button. However, this type of equipment is usually scanned at a pre-established operating frequency for the equipment.

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