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When anti-eavesdropping teams do anti-eavesdropping detection, what areas do they usually check?

Dojammer 2021-10-27

Like some important and frequently used places for confidential meetings, corporate offices, and some confidential units, anti-eavesdropping measures are generally taken to prevent important secrets from being leaked.

As a professional anti-eavesdropping team, when doing anti-eavesdropping detection for these places, what areas will they usually investigate? Which places need to be investigated?

1. Corporate Office

The general office is only used in meetings, researching market trends of confidential documents, etc. There are usually few people to take care of these places, and there is a high possibility that anti-eavesdropping equipment will be installed, which is also a good place to start, because the places are relatively large and they are not easy to find. Therefore, before the meeting, we first do a good job of detecting the corners and corners. When the anti-eavesdropping detection equipment emits a sound, it indicates that there is radio wave interference here, and it is likely to be put into a wiretap.

2. Private spaces such as bedrooms

The bedroom at home is a relatively private place. There are many boring acquaintances who like to secretly photograph or eavesdrop on celebrities, and celebrities’ privacy is exposed. Therefore, anti-eavesdropping detection services are generally provided in these places every day.

Including the bathroom, it is also a place that is easy to be tapped. Generally, it is easier to place a punching bag and a toilet, and it is also a common place to install a wiretap.

3. Provide anti-eavesdropping detector services for self-wearing and accessories. On TV, we often see satellite eavesdropping devices in clothes and diamond rings. All self-wearing services use anti-eavesdropping detectors, and detection is very important.

4. All areas that can be connected to point sources, such as jacks, sockets, bulbs, and many other areas.

The above are some blind spots where eavesdropping equipment is often placed. In fact, the professionalism of anti-eavesdropping server personnel is reflected here to a large extent, but if they do not have corresponding professional equipment for assistance, they are not sexual, because the main anti-eavesdropping equipment The dependence on the network and power supply is very strong. Therefore, if the common areas where eavesdropping equipment is easily installed are investigated, professional equipment needs to be used to accurately locate the area that needs to be investigated. Therefore, anti-eavesdropping equipment is useful in anti-eavesdropping investigations. Indispensable, it can even be understood that sophisticated equipment can replace the work of many people.

If you plan to conduct anti-eavesdropping detection, it is important to find a professional detection team.

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