Anti drone scrambler

The UAV interception device is a version developed to respond to the security threats of small UAVs and to respond to emergencies. The product is small in size, light in weight, convenient to carry, simple to operate, and can be quickly assembled and deployed according to actual conditions. By interfering with the UAV's data link and positioning system, the communication and navigation between the UAV and the remote control are cut off, thereby forcing the UAV to automatically land or drive it away to ensure the safety of the low-altitude airspace.

Start-up and use: start-up and enter the working state, no need to wait

Frequency band coverage: support multi-band interference, covering mainstream UAV frequency bands

Long-lasting power supply: Lithium battery power supply, electromagnetic replaceable design, long-term outdoor combat

Portable: the interference host is separated from the antenna, and can be used alone

Manual engineering: ergonomic design, simple and convenient operation

Optional mode: optional working mode, support drone drive away mode and forced landing mode

Adjustable power: adjustable transmitting power, interference distance 800~1200 meters

High hit rate: large interference direction angle, no need for precise aiming

High-power box-type UAV jammer interception equipment

The box-type drone jammer is mainly used to forcibly control the drone or flight model in flight, and the connection between the drone and the remote controller is broken over a long distance, and the drone can be forced by the interceptor. Or mandatory return to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace in the region.

$2480.49 $4056.69

HW08US High Power Handheld Portable Drone Signal Jammer

Total output power 24 W, built-in 5-7 dbi high gain panel directional antennas, shielding 20-250 m, still depends on the strength signal in a certain area.

$3399.49 $5056.69

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