Sports competition anti-drone defense system

Dojammer 2022-07-06

Summer is here, and various provinces and urban cities will hold various major outdoor events one after another. Through layer-by-layer screening and repeated testing of each dimension, a set of "anti-drone defense system" for the mobile scene of outdoor games has been developed.

1. System introduction

The anti-drone jammer system can realize the engineering deployment in non-fixed areas, and realize automatic detection, automatic tracking, and automatic attack for 24 hours unattended. The equipment is modularly managed and easy to operate, and can be quickly assembled and deployed according to the actual situation. Automatically detect drones by radio or radar, interfere with the data link and positioning system of the drone after tracking and locking, cut off the navigation of the drone, and communicate with the remote control, thereby forcing the drone to land automatically. Or drive them away to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace.

High-Power Drone Jammer

Second, the main components of the system

The UAV defense system consists of a radio detection system, a radar detection system, and a UAV interception system. Create an early warning circle with a radius of 3 kilometers and a disposal circle with a radius of 1.5 kilometers. If the system is equipped with a portable UAV disposal system, it has the command and dispatch function.

Radio detection system: a variety of detection systems for slow and small targets are preset on the top of the modified vehicle, which can be detected while following the target movement. search;

Radar detection system: The radar detection system integrated with the radio detection system in the same module can follow the detector to keep track of the target in a high-speed motion state, and ensure the tracking of the UAV's moving flight trajectory through complex mathematical modeling methods;

UAV interception system: lock and attack the target in a moving state, cut off the small UAV and the GPS satellite signal, the communication connection with the communication signal of the remote control and the image transmission signal, and smoothly suppress the landing of the UAV;

Portable UAV Disposal System: Real-time feedback on the position and orientation of UAV equipment, and directing the portable UAV interception system to directional interference.

In this way, the effect of installing a mobile phone signal jammer is doubled Can drone defense systems be used for extended periods of time?