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What are the antennas of the wireless signal jammer?

Dojammer 2022-01-25

Do wireless signal jammers really have no antennas? In fact, the wireless mobile phone signal jammer refers to the wirelessly transmitted mobile phone signal jammer, which actually has an antenna. Antennas are generally divided into two types: external whip antennas and built-in booster antennas.

1. What is an external whip antenna?

The external whip antenna means that the mobile phone signal jammer is equipped with external antennas. These external antennas are locked on the machine. The machine that can rotate through 180° is called whip antenna.

2. What is the built-in gain antenna?

A booster antenna refers to an antenna that is set inside the device, the machine needs to be turned on to be able to see the antenna, and it cannot be rotated, but an antenna that can cover 360° azimuth is called a booster antenna.

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Everyone has a concern about the use of mobile phone signal jammers: Will there be radiation? Is there any harm to the human body?

In fact, as long as it is an electronic product, it will more or less generate radiation. However, the country has stipulated a range for mobile phone radiation, so the radiation generated by the Dazhan electronic mobile phone signal jammer is lower than the range stipulated by the state, and the mobile phone signal jammer is not like a mobile phone, it needs to be next to the ear every day, so right The damage to the human body is very small, and everyone can use it with confidence.