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Jammers are one of the more popular products in technical products

Dojammer 2021-05-11

Mobile phones have become very popular, and normal frequencies and common frequency bands include GSM, CDMA, DCS and PCS. With the rapid development of high technology, 3G signals have also entered the market. In addition, these frequency bands are widely used in countries around the world. Because these mobile phone communication frequency bands promote the communication of people all over the world, many people also suffer the negative effects of mobile phones. Therefore, in this case, a portable gsm jammer can bring huge help to people.

More than a year ago, ExxonMobil and its Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil Company (Imperial Oil Company) began announcing at gas stations that motorists should turn off their mobile phones and extinguish cigarettes before refueling. This is a story about an unconfirmed driver in Indonesia whose mobile phone smoked and caused an explosion. It has become a consensus to install cell phone jammers at gas stations.

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David Warnes, a senior consultant at Industry Canada, said: "Mobile jammers have aroused great interest." According to reports, Hong Kong used cell phone jammers last month. This city is full of crazy mobile phones. There are 6 million people and 5.2 million mobile phones.

Japan relaxed regulations on cell phone jammer more than two years ago and allowed the use of licenses in certain public places such as theaters.

How does a mobile phone jammer block GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS or 3G signals? This is because cell phone jammers are devices that prevent cell phones from receiving cell phone signals and sending them to nearby locations. In this way, signals within the interference frequency range of a specific mobile phone jammer may be blocked, thereby losing the ability to make calls and send messages from outside. People in the fault zone will not be disturbed loudly, please stay calm and keep your head.

It is precisely because of the powerful function of the jammer that it can stand out among various high-tech products and become the most popular product.