Does the use of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room affect the normal performance of candidates?

Dojammer 2022-11-22

Now this era is not the era of only guns and horses. In order to help more people realize their due interests, improve the confidence of college entrance examination students in the examination, and make the examination room a fair and just place, measures must be taken to curb The infidelity of a very small number of people. The examination management unit has implemented many programs in the examination room, among which is the installation of cell phone signal jammers. This can effectively block the occurrence of cheating.

In our past college entrance examinations, the school has already made very strict arrangements for the examination room, and conducted a multi-faceted and close test of the examination room and its surrounding environment. If a suspicious signal is found, the mobile phone signal jammer will be used to block the surrounding data signal as soon as possible. In addition, professional technicians can also judge the source of signal transmission according to the direction finder, and help the public security organs to crack the molecular structure.

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Some parents of candidates feel anxious about this matter, worrying whether it will affect their sons and daughters' extraordinary performance in the college entrance examination. In fact, the parents of candidates have no scruples about this. This kind of facility is not easy to cause harm to the human body of candidates and examiners, and this mobile phone signal jammer can completely reduce noise without affecting students. They played in the college entrance examination.

In fact, everyone has always had doubts about whether the vast majority of electromagnetic wave emitting equipment is harmful to human health. It depends on each person's body's special absorption rate of electromagnetic waves. The maximum radiation detection standard SAR is 2.0, and the standard in our country is 1.5. At this stage, the signal strength of the wireless communication base station transmission tower is generally 40W~50W, and the body's special absorption rate of electromagnetic waves is below 1.0 when it is 20 meters to 30 meters away from the signal transmission tower. The mobile phone signal jammers used in the examination room are low-power devices, and their signal strength is generally lower than 3W. Under such circumstances, the body's special absorption rate of electromagnetic waves is almost zero. Therefore, the mobile phone signal jammer used in the examination room is not harmful to health.

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