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5G mobile phone signal will be stronger than 4G mobile phone signal?

Dojammer 2021-12-02

5G mobile phones are being released one after another. Will 5G mobile phone signals be stronger than 4G signals? 5G mobile phone signal is not necessarily stronger than 4G mobile phone signal! Although 5G network speed is faster than 4G speed, the signal strength is not necessarily stronger than 4G signal.

The 5G network has just started this year, and the construction of hardware base stations by the three major operators has just begun. Due to the high cost and slow speed of SA mode networking, it cannot quickly meet user needs, so it is temporarily used on the basis of 4G macro base stations and uses NSA groups. The network mode, the construction of a 5G network, and the network established by the NAS mode have fewer functions, but can be quickly put into use.

Even if the NAS networking mode is adopted, it will take a certain amount of time, and it will take a certain amount of time for mobile phone baseband chip manufacturers and 5G mobile phone manufacturers to develop and produce 5G mobile phones. Although some have been released this year, they are still pilot products. Many places are still immature and cannot be widely used.

Therefore, for these reasons, the signal of 5G mobile phones is not necessarily stronger than that of 4G. Let me talk about it in detail. Why?

1. Get to know the 5G wireless network

5G network is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology and the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology. The advantages of 5G network are high speed, low delay, energy saving, cost reduction, increase of system capacity and large-scale equipment connection.

At present, the domestic research teams include: Huawei Technologies and China Mobile. The biggest features of 5G networks are: ①The data rate is fast, up to 10Gbp/s, which is about 100 times faster than 4G networks ②The network delay is very small, basically less than 1 millisecond, The delay of 4G is 30-70 milliseconds, and it only takes about 1 second to download a 2-hour high-definition movie with 5G.

2. Comparison of 5G wireless network and 4G network

The comparison between 5G wireless network and 4G wireless network is mainly the difference in speed. The speed of 5G can reach up to 10bp/s, while the speed of 4G can reach up to 100Mbp/s. The difference is hundreds of times, and the speed can be said to far exceed 4G speed.

However, the strength of the network signal has nothing to do with this speed, but is related to the following factors (see the detailed description below). The strength of the signal can be seen on the signal column icon displayed on our mobile phone. A full grid indicates that the signal is very strong. , The opposite is weak. Strong mobile phone signal is the most basic factor for mobile phone speed, but it is not the main factor.

3. The strength of the signal is related to many aspects

1. The distance between the mobile phone and the macro base station

The radio signals received by our mobile phones are broadcast by countless macro base stations across the country. The macro base stations are the signal towers we often see. The closer our mobile phones are to the base station, the stronger the signal, and vice versa.

2. Whether the signal transmission between the macro base station and the mobile phone is smooth

The signals that our mobile phones receive are usually radio signals, which are electromagnetic waves. We have learned physics in junior high school and know that electromagnetic waves are easily interfered by various objects. If the mobile phone signal is strong, not only must it be close to the base station, but also between them. There should not be too much interference. For example, there are many tall buildings in cities, many tall hillsides in rural areas, and various electromagnetic equipment in industry, etc., which will weaken the signal attenuation.

And the disadvantages of 5G signal are: 5G network has high frequency, small coverage, poor anti-interference ability, and poor diffraction ability. Therefore, the signal strength is generally weaker than 4G signal, unless there are a lot of macro base stations. That's all right.

3. The performance of mobile phone baseband chips

The performance of the baseband chip of our mobile phone receiving and processing signals also has a certain impact on the network signal. After all, the chip on the mobile phone is used to receive and process the signal. Different manufacturers and chips with different performance have different signal receiving capabilities. This phenomenon may be noticed in our daily lives. Different mobile phones may have different signal strengths in the same place.

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