How to choose a mobile phone jammer for a 2000 square meter performance hall

Dojammer 2022-03-15

Recently, a customer inquired about how to choose a mobile phone jammer for a performance hall with an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters. If you have been to an auditorium or theater, you probably know the layout of the auditorium, which is probably as follows.

In order to better allow the audience to watch the program, it can be seen that the auditorium is in a stepped layout. The picture shows two floors, and some even have three floors. Then there are many limitations when installing a cell phone jammer in this layout. Therefore, it is also difficult to choose what kind of mobile phone jammer. Let’s discuss what type of cell phone jammer to choose.

The interference of mobile phone signals in theaters or performance halls is generally mainly to interfere with the mobile phone signals of the auditorium. Conventional theaters or performance halls have an area of ​​several hundred to thousands of square meters, and performance halls of this area are also relatively common. For an auditorium of this size, usually choose several low-power mobile phone jammers, or a medium-power mobile phone jammer, which can basically interfere with the entire auditorium. When using a low-power mobile phone jammer, you need to pay attention to the installation, not to damage the original decoration, you can also place it at the maintenance port of the wall, or use a tripod to place the phone jammer on the tripod.

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The performance hall with an area of ​​​​about 2,000 square meters mentioned in the article is a relatively large performance hall with a large area. If a low-power mobile phone jammer is used, then the middle of the auditorium is likely to have a blind spot for interference, that is to say The middle position may not be shielded. At this time, it is necessary to use a medium-power mobile phone jammer, or even a high-power mobile phone jammer, in order to meet the requirements of interfering with the entire performance hall. If a medium-power or high-power mobile phone jammer is used, how should it be installed? Usually, the walls around the performance hall are basically decorated with special decorations in order to reduce echoes. At this time, it is impossible to install a mobile phone jammer on the wall of the performance hall. At this time, the mobile phone jammer can be installed on the ceiling of the performance hall, and combined with the directional antenna, and then the directional antenna can be directionally covered in the direction of the auditorium, so that the mobile phone signal in the auditorium is interfered and the effect of shielding the mobile phone signal is achieved.

When there is a performance in an auditorium or theater, it is necessary to amplify and close the mobile phone signal of the theater, or remove the antenna of the mobile phone signal amplifier around the auditorium to ensure the interference effect of the mobile phone jammer. If the indoor signal distribution system in the theater is not turned off, it will seriously affect the interference effect.